Carlsberg takes the green road with car incentive plan

Carlsberg has cleaned up its fleet with greener cars and incentivised its employees to choose more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

The drinks firm now offers fuel-efficient BMWs, emitting less than 140g of C02 per kilometre (km), to the 320 drivers in its employee car ownership and traditional company car programmes. From September, employees who choose cleaner cars are now rewarded with an extra 10% on top of their car allowances. The fleet budget was increased in February to accommodate this.

Julian Daley, reward manager at Carlsberg, said: “As part of our commitment to our environmental responsibilities, we decided to take the increase in budget and [use it] in a way to encourage drivers into greener cars.”

Before introducing the BMWs, provided by LeasePlan, Carlsberg’s average C02 rating for vehicles was 163g/km. Since the scheme was introduced, 70% of car orders have been for vehicles emitting 140g/km.

The move means the drinks firm could reduce its fleet’s C02 emissions by 13%.