News update -New perks to help morale

Following a number of years of takeovers and acquisitions Southern Water has introduced a new benefits package to ensure staff stay at the company.

It introduced a home computing scheme and childcare vouchers in October.

Chris Tate, training and development manager at Southern Water, said: “Over the past few years because of the uncertainty of who’s going to own us and the direction we’re headed, whether we’re going to reduce in size, there is a lot of trepidation around. So certainly there are different levels of morale and motivation. This [new benefits package] might help.”

Currently, nearly 10% of the 2,150 staff have chosen to take a new PC through the scheme that was run by home computing provider RedPC.

It has also piloted a childcare voucher scheme for 18 employees in the West Sussex area so that it can gain Inland Revenue approval for a larger roll out, which it intends to do in April 2005.