New Zealand Police hires guinea pig to promote safety messages

Something for the weekend: Although cuddles, being petted, and exploring the local community for new food supplies might not be considered traditional reward elements within an organisation’s motivation strategy, New Zealand Police is going to be utilising these benefits for its newest recruit; Elliot the guinea pig.

Elliot, who has his own police uniform and cap, has been hired by the Wellington-based police agency to help spread safety messages to the community. The four-year-old guinea pig has been using his prominent social media presence on the New Zealand Police Facebook page to remind residents to drive safely, or remember to lock their cars.

In one post, Elliot says: “I am not too fast and that’s the way I like it, slow is safe! Keep this in mind when you are driving near any schools tomorrow. Remember people, the kids are going to be out and about walking and biking, and crossing roads. Like me, they are small and unpredictable, so you have to watch out!

“Keep an eye out for school patrols and please do your part in keeping our kids safe. Drive to the conditions, reduce your speed and stay alert. Oh, and eat your greens….always eat your greens.”

Elliot is a family pet of an employee in the police’s media team. In his spare time, Elliot reportedly enjoys grazing on grass, green vegetables and hay, as well as receiving cuddles from his family.

Here at Employee Benefits, we love how hard-working Elliot is; we think he makes the perfect spokesperson for New Zealand Police. Maybe we should investigate hiring our own furry friend to help spread the word on all things employee benefits…