Prosys offers Pokemon Go-inspired remuneration to attract staff

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Something for the weekend: With 53% of Pokemon Go-player respondents hooked on catching the virtual creatures while at work, according to research by Qualtrics, it is not surprising that employers are looking to the popular game to attract new talent.

Danish IT organisation Prosys, based near Copenhagen, has tweaked its remuneration package to offer new starters a monthly wage partly comprising the virtual Pokemon Go currency PokeCoins, so that employees can purchase in-game products such as eggs and Pokeballs.

Looking to attract younger generations of workers for a sales team role, Prosys decided to offer part of the 25,000 kroner (£2,900) a month salary as PokeCoins to help Pokemon Go fans get ahead in the game.

Potential new hires who prefer a traditional monetary wage can also have their salary paid in standard currency.

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Lasse Jurek, director, told Computer World: “We see children, young people and adults playing it everywhere. So we thought if that’s what it takes, let’s try it.”

With the Qualtrics research revealing that 43% of Pokemon Go fans play the game at work for up to three hours a week, and 15% admitting to playing the game at work for seven or more hours a week, the Employee Benefits team is wondering how many of our colleagues are really checking work emails on their phones and how many are trying to catch Pikachu…