Mexican football club hires hypnotherapist to boost employee performance

Kicking a football

Something for the weekend: Boosting performance and productivity in the workplace is often achieved through a range of employee engagement and wellbeing measures, however, Mexican football club Chiapas, formerly Jaguares de Chiapas, took a more innovative approach when it hired hypnotherapist Luis Guillen to deliver a unique form of mental training to bolster players’ goal-scoring abilities.

Delivering the session at the club’s training ground at Estadio ‘Zoque’ Víctor Manuel Reyna, Guillen worked with 29-year-old midfielder Christian Bermudez, hypnotising him in a bid to improve his sporting performance.

Videos posted on the club’s Twitter page show Guillen instructing Bermudez to relax his body and mind, and go into a deep sleep.

Once awakened, Bermudez performs an impressive free kick, landing the ball in the top corner of the net.

Here at Employee Benefits, we are intrigued as to whether this approach could have a similar impact on performance in an office environment like ours…any volunteers?