Nest launches auto-enrolment video

The National Employment Savings Trust (Nest) has launched a video to help employees through the auto-enrolment process.

Its Going halves video, which aims to help employees understand the importance of employer contributions, went live on Nest’s social media channels on 22 May.

The video focuses on a day in the life of an employee who receives a ‘helping hand’ from their employer.

Graham Vidler, director of communications and engagement at Nest (pictured), said: “Our research among [employees] tells us that the value of their employer’s contribution and the simple reassurance of knowing they have something put aside are key motivators, with 67% agreeing it would mean they could stop worrying that they hadn’t done anything about their retirement.

“This insight and the current low opt-out rates, are promising, although our research also suggests that half of unpensioned workers claim to have only a basic knowledge of pensions.

“Our big challenge, as an industry, is to make sure that workers understand the benefits of employer contributions and recognise them for what they are: a helping hand from [their] employer to save for the future. Combined with tax relief, they can double the value of an individual’s contribution.”