Hymans Robertson launches auto-enrolment services for mid-sized employers

Hymans Robertson has launched a range of services to help mid-sized employers prepare for auto-enrolment.

These will tackle four key stages of implementing auto-enrolment:

  • Designing a solution for auto-enrolment.
  • Turning the design into reality.
  • Providing technical support.
  • Reviewing the approach.

Lee Hollingworth, head of defined contribution (DC) at Hymans Robertson, said: “The auto-enrolment journey for Britain’s largest employers started twelve months ago. Now, mid-sized employers are inside the one-year-to-go barrier as well.

“As we saw when working through this process with many large firms, implementation can be complex, while the reputational and financial risks of non-compliance remain high.

“Mid-size employers do have one advantage though. Bigger employers began their preparations against a background of regulatory ambiguity. There is now a clearer path to follow for the next tier down.

“We believe that this greater clarity, allied with our experience of delivering on implementation, offers organisations the smoothest route to auto-enrolment.”

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