BT sharesave scheme to pay out average of £8,000 to staff

BT employees are to receive an average payout of £8,000 as a three-year sharesave scheme matures.

The organisation will also pay a £250 bonus to all UK employees to recognise the achievements of the business over the last three years.

The sharesave scheme was launched in 2009 with shares available to BT’s staff at a 10% discount. Around 20,000 employees will benefit from the scheme.

More than 1,000 BT employees will also benefit from the payout from an incentive share plan.

A statement from BT read: “BT’s cash generation has more than tripled over the past three years allowing it to reduce net debt, pay progressive dividends, invest in the future of the business and support the BT pension scheme.

“The fact that the awards have paid out in full reflects the great strides BT has made in the past three years, which have seen the value of the company grow markedly. This is the first time the incentive share plan has paid out in full.”

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