Back-up childcare positively affects employees’ productivity

Back-up childcare enhances job performance and reduces absenteeism, according to research conducted by Bright Horizons Family Solutions.

The report, titled The Lasting Impact of Employer-Sponsored Back-Up Child Care, surveyed the employees of 14 organisations to ascertain the impact back-up childcare has on staff work focus and job satisfaction

Findings included:

  • 93% said back-up childcare affects their workplace productivity in a positive manner†
  • 89% reported that it enabled them to work on a day they would have otherwise missed
  • 95% said it helps them meet their job expectations
  • 79% called it the best, or one of the best, benefits offered by their employer.

Stephen Kramer, managing director, Europe for Bright Horizons said: “The report findings make clear the many meaningful benefits that back-up care delivers to working families and to business.

“What has perhaps come across most clearly is the powerful impact that back-up childcare has on productivity and reduction of absenteeism.”

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