Aviva launches health risk assessment programme

Aviva UK Health has launched a new health risk assessment programme called MyHealthCounts for Business

The programme, which is designed to help organisations with 250 or more employees to control sickness absence costs, offers health and leisure discounts, reports and insights to help identify key health risks, and HealthPoints which can be redeemed against health management tools.

Employers can also receive up to 100% off the cost of the programme the following year depending on the proportion of their employees who complete the online health questionnaire and the average health score achieved.

Neal Archbold, head of proposition and market development at Aviva UK Health, said: “We understand managing the costs of sickness absence is a key focus for employers, but many do not have the tools or insight to enable them to do this effectively.

“MyHealthCounts for Business offers tangible benefits for everyone. By showing they care about their employees’ health, employers will almost certainly help boost staff morale and retention. And, as employees become healthier and happier their productivity should rise and sickness absence levels fall.”

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