A quarter of employers fail to communicate sickness provision

One in four employers (25%) do not communicate sickness provision to staff, according to new research from industry body Group Risk Development (GRiD).

The research, which polled 500 UK employers, found that a significant number keep important details of their benefits package under wraps from staff.

Additional findings included:

• 8% have a policy in place but preferred to remain quiet about the details.

• 12% treat each case on its own merit.

• 5% have no provision at all though staff might be aware of this.

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GriD, said: “By keeping details of benefits such as GIP under wraps, employers are missing a powerful opportunity to motivate personnel and foster self-reliance.

“As best practice, employers should provide employees with information on company policy in the event of employee absence. We would also recommend communicating the existence of the rehabilitation support that comes with most GIP insurance policies.”

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