Parity revamps benefits technology

Introducing a flexible benefits scheme gave IT firm Parity the opportunity to revamp the technology behind its perks.

Before introducing flex, Parity relied on Excel spreadsheets to administer perks and HR managers had to manage staff data manually. 

Sarah Cook, HR director, says: “We can all go in and instantly see what somebody’s benefits are rather than rifling through a file.” 

The technology has also made it easier to communicate benefits for staff and enable them to access their package. “They can see what benefits they have, how much they cost, and model their pension,” says Cook. 

“Before, they received an annual pensions statement and information when they joined the firm.” The next step is likely to involve linking the benefits platform, provided by Thomsons Online Benefits, to Parity’s payroll system to automate some of the remaining manual processes. This is in the pipeline, but is on hold until the company has finished installing a new finance and HR system.”