Grimsby Institute offers health checks for men

The Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education has linked up with its local primary care trust (PCT) to offer male employees, who are often reluctant to consult a doctor, onsite health assessments.

This month, the institute is running two health assessment sessions per week across its two major sites for male staff.

Peter Barnard, registrar and clerk at the Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education, said: “Men don’t tend to visit the doctor [very often] so we are running these free sessions through to the end of March.”

Each man gets a 45-minute check up from a trained member of the PCT, and if necessary the individual will be referred on for further medical treatment.

Although the health assessements are confidential and the institute will not receive full reports on employee ailments, it does have a close relationship with the PCT and could be alerted to instances of serious illness.

“We don’t receive feedback, but if something drastically important came up, then we would be told,” said Barnard.

The institute has also increased the price of chips and fizzy drinks in its staff canteens as part of an ongoing healthy eating campaign.