Law firm Mills & Reeve launches voluntary benefits

Law firm Mills & Reeve has launched a new voluntary benefits scheme after changing providers.

The firm originally operated a plan provided by Bringme, the benefits arm of Lloyds TSB Registrars, but pulled the scheme when Bringme announced that it would begin charging for the previously free service.

Sandy Boyle, HR director at Mills & Reeve, said: "When [Bringme] wrote to us to say that they were going to start charging clients, we decided to change."

After several months without a voluntary plan in place, Mills & Reeve launched a three-month pilot with non-charging provider before going on to roll out the scheme in February.

"Feedback has been that the new arrangements have been very popular. It seems to be hitting the right spots," said Boyle.

The law firm has also made changes to its flexible benefits scheme, by introducing a healthcare cash plan and increasing the number of days holiday that staff can trade each year from three to five days.