DHL has re-packaged its perks

DHL Express is gradually implementing a total reward strategy.Although the delivery company began to develop its scheme in 2004, various factors such as its unionised environment meant that it only began to put this into practice last year. The first step was its introduction of a voluntary benefits scheme last September, which was followed by total reward statements in January. The last phase of the programme is a flexible benefits scheme, for which employees’ choice of perks are due to come into effect in April.

Craig Truter, reward and recognition manager, says: "We are still at the beginning of this. It could take a couple of years [to fully develop] and move in different directions."

The total reward scheme, which is branded ‘You Drive’, is divided into four main areas covering: money, health, career, and lifestyle perks.

Truter explains that, while it can be difficult to place an exact value on some factors, a number of tangible and intangible measures are used to help calculate the strategy’s return on investment (ROI). These include: employee take up, the organisation’s savings from salary sacrifice benefits, turnover and recruitment costs, and the scheme’s impact on staff retention.