Society’s walls have eyes

Nationwide has boosted participation in its flexible benefits scheme by using a new website to track staff’s benefits behaviour. Paul Bissell, senior manager of rewards at the building society said take-up increased by 15% after it launched the site that monitors which perks workers are browsing. "It gives us another strand to how we communicate with people, because we know who’s looked at the products; who’s played around with some selections but hasn’t submitted them; and who’s submitted them. "We can then send out an email, saying ‘forgive us but we noticed you haven’t had a look yet’," he added. Despite the overall increase in flex changes, the company’s tax efficient bike scheme was less of a success, with only 30 staff (of a possible 13,000 staff) taking up the deal. "Take-up was pretty low; I suspect that’s because to qualify for Inland Revenue relief you are supposed to use the bike for commuting to work. I’ve no idea how you audit that."