US law firm enhances paid parental leave policy


US law firm Robins Kaplan has extended its paid parental leave policy to 10 weeks with immediate effect.

The extension applies to all regular employees, and will be offered in addition to applicable medical leave benefits. It will mean that birth mothers will generally now receive at least 16 weeks of paid leave.

As well as increasing parental leave, the US law firm is also introducing a number of initiatives to support employees upon their return to work. This will include a ramp-up period, where staff members can increase the intensity of their practice at their own pace for up to three months after their return, a parental leave mentoring programme, and offering an alternative work arrangements policy for increased flexibility.

These enhancements are part of Robins Kaplan’s Leaders Engaged in the Advancement of Diversity (LEAD) initiative, which was established last year by the executive board to ensure the recruitment, retention and advancement of women, people of different ethnicities and LGBT individuals.

Steve Schumeister, managing partner and member of the executive board at Robins Kaplan, said: “We recognise the need for competitive benefits that will allow our firm members to continue to excel in both work and life.

“The firm has always upheld a strong commitment to women and diversity, and we believe this enhancement will further enable all working parents to advance their careers as well as their families.”