Professional service staff are dirtiest at home

Anyone envious of the slick offices many employees in the professional services enjoy, might take comfort from the fact that away from work these professionals can be mucky pups.

Research from carpet cleaners, Rug Doctor, has revealed that 48% of professional services employees claim they do not have time to do a thorough carpet cleaning, while 34% do the minimum required and are happy as long as it looks good. Nearly a quarter (23%) only clean their carpets when absolutely necessary.

Despite a carpet’s high exposure to dirt and germs, 46% of respondents have never deep cleaned their carpets. More than one in five (22%) admit to having sex on the carpet, 27% have had a pet urinate on it, and 16% let their babies crawl and play on the carpet.

The Rug Doctor research also revealed that 22% of professional services workers question their friend’s personal hygiene if their home appears filthy.

More than a third (34%) of professional services workers admit to going outside barefoot and then walking around the house without washing their feet – traipsing grime into the family home. This compares to 42% of teachers, with those in manufacturing doing it the least often at 22%.

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