Ukranian football team have pay docked when they lose

In many industries, reward is closely linked to performance. However, in football, players take home bumper pay packets, regardless of whether they perform on the pitch or score on their own goal during a crucial match.

Ukranian football team Dynamo Kiev, however, has taken a new approach to motivating players, which will hit team members in the pocket every time they lose. This ups the stakes when Dynamo Kiev competes against arch-rivals Shakhtar Donetsk.

Speaking to the BBC, Nigerian midfielder Yusuf Atanda Ayila, said: “It is really difficult in Dynamo. If you are there you always want to win, because if you lose they take it out of your salary. At first I protested but other players have told me that everyone pays for losing here.

“So you see the players fighting on the pitch for two major reasons: to win and to keep our money in our pockets.You don’t get paid for a difficult home or away draw, so at the club it’s all about winning and nothing else.”

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