JP Morgan Invest launches share plan modelling tool

JP Morgan Invest has launched an online modelling tool that helps employees who are members of a share scheme to make informed decisions on how to manage their shares at maturity stage.

Employees select the type of plan they are in, whether it is a sharesave or share incentive plan (Sip), then type in their monthly payments.

A live feed of the company’s share price has been built into the online tool so employees can get a picture of the value of their shares when their company scheme matures.

The modeller will offer different scenarios to each individual, for example the amount of tax they will pay on shares if they sell them, or the amount of any savings achieved if they pay cash made from the sale into a pension scheme.

Jonathan Watts-Lay, director at JP Morgan Invest, said: “If a share price has gone up and the individual is due to get a capital gains tax bill once shares are sold, the maturity tool would calculate the individual’s most tax-efficient position.”

The modeller can be incorporated into a company’s intranet site, and requires a unique log-in and password for employees to access it.