Gentoo Group wins engagement and wellbeing award

Gentoo Group has received the Bupa Workwell Engagement and Wellbeing Award at Business in the Community’s (BITC) Responsible Business Awards.


The awards celebrate the achievements of employers that are tackling key social and environmental issues.

The organisation, which operates care, support, construction and property services, works with 42 partner organsiations to embed health and wellbeing into their business practices.

Its wellbeing programme, branded Happy, Healthy and Here, offers physical and mental health services to staff.

As a result of the programme, 89% of employees felt they were more informed about the importance of their health and wellbeing.

Employee volunteers have also donated more than 2,400 hours to community projects and over £37,000 to charities.

Gentoo Group recorded 130 fewer sickness days in 2013 than in 2012.

Peter Walls, group chief executive (CEO) of Gentoo Group, said: “Our workforce is our biggest and most important asset, so it’s vital we invest our time and effort to safeguard wellbeing.

“We aim to engage everyone across our business, regardless of roles or titles, to enjoy activities and events relating to health that can be shared at home with family and friends.

“These benefits have a far-reaching impact into the wider community, increasing the influence of the programme. I am immensely proud of Happy, Healthy and Here. It has created momentum for those with common goals, generating positive change and improving the art of living.”

Patrick Watt, corporate director at Bupa, who chaired the judging panel, added: “It was hugely inspiring. A fantastic example of how CEO engagement and passion can drive amazing impact on health and wellbeing for employees and the communities in which they work.”

Stephen Howard, chief executive of Business in the Community, said: “Responsible Business Award winners have demonstrated innovation to drive positive change in our communities and, as a result, have seen clear benefits in terms of business growth, customer engagement or staff wellbeing.

“I congratulate Gentoo Group for playing [its] part to build a new contract between business and society and a more sustainable future for us all.”