National Dental Plan launches percentage reimbursement plan

National Dental Plan (NDP) has launched a new percentage reimbursement dental care product.

Its Radiant product, which provides 100% reimbursement for preventative and minor treatments and 80% for major treatments, will go live for employers on 2 September 2013.

It is designed to complement NDP’s existing product, Clear, which provides a fixed level of reimbursement.

Radiant includes an option for employers to offer tailored covered alongside five core options, which have different pricing levels and benefits.

Andrew Bower, managing director of National Dental Plan, said: “Following the acquisition of National Dental Plan [by Capita] in 2010, we have been carefully tracking different trends in the corporate dental market and developing our propositions accordingly.

“We have noticed a significant increase in the demand for corporate dental insurance, driven largely by employees’ demands. The result is that many large employers are now providing dental benefits.

“Our new proposition is there to offer employers the best of both worlds: Radiant for those looking for a percentage reimbursement product and Clear for those seeking a menu reimbursement product.

“The main driver for us in investing in our proposition and offering an additional product is the ever-changing needs of both employers and employees.”