Case study: Symantec spreads the good news on reward

Security software provider Symantec has expanded rapidly through acquisition, growing its workforce from 6,500 to 14,000 in July 2005, and reaching 18,500 today. The firm operates in more than 50 countries.

Jennifer Reimert, senior director, global compensation at Symantec, says: “One of the challenges of rapid growth was a resulting ‘culture of cultures’ leading to the need to create a single, identifiable culture to re-engage our employees.”

In 2008, the organisation partnered provider Globoforce to create a global recognition programme called Applause. The programme enables employees to acknowledge colleagues’ efforts with messages of thanks and awards that can be redeemed as memorable experiences or desired items.

It incorporates news feeds, peer comments and reporting tools that track and measure the level of recognition happening across the entire global workforce. The programme works like a social network, spreading good news across the organisation and helping unify employees behind a shared culture and purpose.

Symantec saw 1,500 employees recognised in the first two weeks of the scheme and nearly 40% of all staff were recognised in the first five months. Nine months after the recognition programme was launched, employee engagement scores had increased by 14% across the organisation.

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