Cigna Healthcare Benefits research: Only 5% of UK staff receive dental benefits through employers

Only 5% of British employees have a dental plan through their employer, according to research byCigna Healthcare Benefits has revealed.

The research also found that, while 93% of respondents rated their dental health as important or very important, nearly a third had to delay or cancel treatment due to cost.

Additionally, 21% of respondents in one region had to take unplanned time off due to dental problems.

Just over half (55%) were willing to pay £10 or more per month to maintain their dental health.

Kirsty Jagielko, head of product management at Cigna UK, said: “Oral health problems are increasingly being linked to more serious health conditions such as heart disease so it is concerning to see that so many people are having to delay or cancel treatment because of cost.

“The fact that a fairly significant number of people have reported taking unplanned time off work due to dental problems should be a concern for employers and is only likely to become more of a problem at a time when disposable income is at its lowest in decades.

“While it is clear employers should have real cause for concern at these results, the good news is they are in the ideal position to help employees access affordable dental care through a company or salary-paid dental plan.”

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