Survitec Group Pension Scheme to use dynamic de-risking services

Survitec Group Pension Scheme has selected Mercer’s Dynamic De-risking Solution to help move the scheme to a fully funded and de-risked position.

The trustee of the scheme for the manufacturer of high-quality marine safety and survival equipment has assets of approximately £43 million, and has been taking advantage of market rises to de-risk its assets, on an ad-hoc basis, for some time.

However, the trustee recognised that opportunities between its meetings were not being capitalised upon and that implementation of its de-risking strategy could be made more efficient by delegating certain elements.

A de-risking flight-path was developed with Mercer which achieved its funding objectives within a risk framework appropriate for the scheme. The trustee also stipulated a number of investment parameters, including passive management of a portion of the scheme’s equities, before implementation of the strategy was passed to Mercer.

David Wilman, chairman of the trustee, commented, “The dynamic de-risking solution offered by Mercer allowed the trustee to retain control of the key decisions for the scheme, while ensuring opportunities for the scheme to bank gains and de-risk were capitalised upon.”

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