BBC reduces senior managers’ pay

The pay bill for senior staff at the BBC has gone down by £16.6 million in less than two years, according to figures from the broadcaster’s annual report.

The figure corresponds to a reduction of 21% as of 1 July.

In addition, the number of senior managers has reduced by 106 over the same period, as the BBC seeks to meet executive remuneration targets originally set in 2009.

Senior managers joining the BBC and staff promoted into senior roles during the year are, on average, paid 8.7% less than the previous post holder.

By the end of 2011, BBC wants to have reduced the senior management pay bill by 25%.

Mark Thompson, director general at the BBC, said: “Over the course of 2010/11, the BBC delivered £434 million in efficiency savings, meeting existing targets for 3% annual efficiencies, and adding up to over £1 billion of savings since 2008/09.

“The BBC has made good progress in reducing the senior manager pay bill, and is on track to deliver 25% savings and a 20% reduction in headcount by the end of this year.”

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