Adecco starts engines on Zenith Provecta salary sacrifice car scheme

Recruitment agency Adecco has launched a new salary sacrifice car scheme with Zenith Provecta.

The Your Car scheme is available to all employees who are eligible for a cash allowance and to company car drivers.

Zenith Provecta has been assisting Adecco Group in promoting the benefits of Your Car and methods used include intranet communications, with follow-up webinars planned in August.

Adecco Group employees have access to a dedicated website to explore options, obtain quotes, compare savings and place orders.

The scheme has been well-received by Adecco staff and, within six weeks following the launch to all eligible employees, 100 cars have already been ordered.

Jane Marriott, HR director for Adecco Group, said: “On of our key aims was to deliver a high-quality service to our employees and Zenith Provecta operates with this same philosophy, making them a perfect fit.”

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