offers dream job

Many Britons have found themselves unexpectedly jobless in recent months, but in a bid to lift the spirits of one unemployed Brit, is recruiting for what could be considered the best job in the world.

The travel website is looking to appoint a ‘Globe Trotter’ to review some of the world’s most desirable cities and hotels – and pay them for their troubles.

The successful applicant will travel more than 32,000 miles over a three month period, taking in at least eight of the world’s greatest cities including New York, Paris, Barcelona and Las Vegas.

Although they won’t receive a salary for their three month tour, the entire £20,000 cost of the trip will be covered by’s lifestyle expert, Mark Bower said. “40% of UK workplaces have been affected by the current economic climate so we are expecting a positive response. There are some incredible people out there and as a company that champions making the most of free time, wants to help the nation enjoy its way out of the doom and gloom.”