McDonald’s trials mileage capture

McDonald’s is trialling the use of mileage-capture technology to cut its carbon footprint by identifying, and then educating, company car drivers who are driving uneconomically.

A total of 48 drivers in mid-management and above, who are based in the company’s central region, will use the technology for the next six months. They will be required to fill out a form online setting out their personal and business mileage.

The mileage-capture technology will calculate the amount of carbon each employee produces during the working day, taking into account the type of vehicle they drive.

McDonald’s currently receives a spreadsheet from each driver setting out the business mileage they have covered.
Simon Morrison, facilities manager at McDonald’s, said: “We want to look at the miles per gallon these drivers are achieving when they drive. If two people are in similar cars and we see that one is getting better miles per gallon than the other, we can use this to educate drivers about driving style. Some drivers may benefit from this and we can reduce our footprint.”

The tool is provided by the Miles Consultancy.

Nick Golding