DOD’s blog: Flexing part-time muscle

Reading the Evening Standard on Wednesday night an article caught my eye and caused me to sigh with relief.

It appears that the London mayor, Boris Johnson, has announced that part-time season ticket loans will be available on London Transport from January 2015.

I acknowledge that the whole world does not live in London, but millions of us do, and we have a significant impact on the UK economy.

Like many managers, I have several valuable staff on my team who work part-time and who face a weekly budget battle when it come to working out how and when to buy their travel tickets to work.

I am hoping that, in time, the option of part-time season ticket loans extends to the train companies too, because that is where the biggest hit is taken by those buying daily tickets simply to earn a crust.

As businesses, we benefit from these valuable people. We have moved into a world where some people choose to have portfolio careers, others have a portfolio of employers, whlle others are managing both families and work and need to split their time differently to the ‘normal’ five-two days each week.

Employers can only do so much to support working parents who need to re-balance their working days and times.

National government and local government policy makers also have to continue to adapt the infrastructure to meet the modern needs of workers.

This is a great step in the right direction.

Debi O’Donovan


Employee Benefits 

Twitter: @DebiODonovan