Bikes for work take-up rises year on year

More than 164,000 employees joined a bikes-for-work schemes in 2013, according to figures from the Cycle to Work Alliance.

This represents a 16.4% increase from 2012 and the biggest growth in UK employees taking up the tax-efficient benefit since 2010.

Steve Edgell, director at Cycle Solutions and chair of the Cycle to Work Alliance, said: “Registering our best ever year demonstrates that the scheme remains a proven method of encouraging cycling take-up across the country and remains a critical tool for government to deliver sustainable transport and public health objectives.”

Charles Ashwell, corporate sales manager at Halfords, added: “It is extremely encouraging to see this growing demand from employees looking to enjoy the benefits of bikes for work and shows the growing momentum for commuting by bike.

“There’s a huge enthusiasm for the bikes-for-work scheme and we are helping hundreds of organisations that want to bring their colleagues the benefits of cycling to work.”