Case study: Toyota fine-tunes expatriates’ benefits needs

In common with many other employers, Toyota GB is making expatriate arrangements fit in with its cost-conscious policies.

Francesco Mereu, director of HR, corporate planning and CSR, says: “Due to the economic crisis, there has definitely been a decrease in expatriates. The benefit of such an assignment is analysed more rigorously before committing. International assignments with the sole purpose of developing people without a business need have also been curtailed.”

The Epsom-based carmaker, which has 330 employees, covers the cost of the move itself and gives a settling-in allowance to help with purchases such as curtains. This is on top of an allowance of 10% of gross salary and housing allowance.

To make sure the changeover is a success, employers should consider a range of factors, says Mereu.

“The cost of expatriate assignments, and failure, is very high. Only relocate managers after a good analysis of cultural fit and true added value as opposed to recruiting locally. Only send managers with a clear career path for after repatriation, especially if people are sent to develop their career potential.”

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