Muller Diaries to milk tax gains

Muller Dairies has successfully introduced a childcare voucher scheme despite having three different payroll systems.

It comes as the Chancellor made the announcement in his Pre-Budget Report in December that not only will vouchers be tax-free up to £50 but any administration or management fees dealing with setting up a scheme will also be exempt from tax and National Insurance.

Helen Boardman, assistant HR adviser at the food manufacturer, said that because the company, known for its yoghurt products, did not have any on-site childcare facilities at its Shropshire base, it wanted to take advantage of the new tax breaks.

She added that because the company, which employs around 1,400 employees, has three separate divisions with separate payrolls, it was pleased that the salary sacrifice-based scheme could cope, and with no extra administration cost.

Muller Dairies was careful to communicate the savings of the Sodexho Pass-run scheme.

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