Employers will help drive group risk benefits market growth

Employee needs will drive future growth in the group risk market, according to Katharine Moxham, group spokesperson for industry body Group Risk Development. 

Katharine Moxham

Speaking at Employee Benefits’  Group risk debate, sponsored by MetLife, Moxham said: “I think that employers are in a very powerful position to tell [providers] what they need [and providers] to try and meet demands.” 

She added that employers can help to engage their employees in their group risk benefits offering by repeatedly telling them that the benefits are there and by explaining exactly what is on offer. ”[Employers should] tell them they’ve got it [and] keep telling them they’ve got it,” she said. 

Moxham was one of seven guests to attend the debate, which explored the latest trends and issues in the group risk market and formed the basis of a special report that was published with Employee Benefits. 

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