Case study: Sodexo motivates staff with thank-you points

Sodexo Remote Sites Scotland operates a points-based recognition scheme for its 1,000 UK staff. This includes longservice awards, thankyou cards, an award for great ideas, and a site of the month.

Line managers and peers can send postcards thanking someone for going the extra mile. It is part of an instant online reward scheme that adds points to the recipient’s reward account every time they receive a postcard. Staff
pre-select rewards from an online catalogue that includes merchandise, travel and vouchers.

In addition, its ‘Why don’t we’ innovations award gives points for the submission and implementation of a great
idea. Peter McMahon, former HR director at the facilities management firm, who was involved in implementing the scheme, says: “We increased the engagement scores of our staff by 12% and managers by 17% in our last employee engagement survey. 

“We now have a group made up of managers and employees who work on what benefits people are looking for and we continue to expand.”

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