Case Study: Simply Health Group

The Simply Health Group tailored savings provision to better suit its varied 1,200-strong workforce after realising that staff were not joining its group personal pension (GPP) scheme due to other priorities.

To provide an alternative, the healthcare firm launched schemes to help staff save for a home or pay off student loans. The organisation said it could make contributions into these instead of the pension, on request.

It communicated these new alternatives to appropriate groups of staff using informal in-house seminars.
Gill Phipps, manager, HR projects, believes inviting employees to learn about how these benefits can help shows that the organisation is being supportive of its staff at every stage of life.

“We [were aware] we had a group of employees who were not paying into their pensions as they were trying to save for their first homes, so we targeted them and invited them to face-to-face [education] sessions to tell them how our First Home scheme works,” she explains.