HR professionals believe their partners should be paid more

A large number of HR professionals believe their partner’s pay packet should be larger.†

Eight-out-of-ten (80.7%) of male HR professionals believe this should be the case, while 75.6% of women in HR are concerned that their partner’s contribution to the home is not sufficient.

According to a study by recruitment and talent management consultancy Hudson, a mere 3.2% of HR professionals never think about what their partner earns.

However, some men who work in HR still believe they should be the breadwinners in their household with almost one-in-ten male respondents (8.1%) wishing their partner earned less.

Anthony Pierce, associate director at Hudson, said: †”Most HR professionals would readily admit there is much more to job satisfaction than their salary. Ironically, the happier you are in a job, the better your performance will be and, ultimately, the more you’ll be rewarded financially.”