Arco awarded for health and wellbeing

Arco has been awarded bronze status in the Healthy Workplace Awards for its dedication to the staff health and wellbeing.

The safety organisation’s Hull-based national distribution centre (NDC) provided evidence of consistent commitment to a long-term healthy workplace, including documentation and photographs of on-site wellbeing events and health promotions.

Arco also provides employees with daily health tips, fruit and smoothies, and has introduced support groups for staff who wish to stop smoking.

Eight employees have also volunteered to become health champions and have undergone additional health and wellbeing training to allow them to carry out their new role effectively.

Jo Lloyd, HR director at Arco, said: “With less than 10 companies in the Hull area having achieved this award, we knew that the criteria standard was particularly high.

“It gives us great pleasure then to know that our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our employees has been not only been recognised, but commended.

“Through the hard work and determination of the NDC team, we will continue to prosper and enhance our working environment.”