US military builds stone circle for pagan cadets

The United States military has taken measures of Stonehenge-type proportions to cater to its cadets who are practising pagans, witches and druids.

The Colorado base of its air force training academy has built a stone circle to allow witches to cast spells and pagans to form circles of power. Situated at the top of a wooded hill, the stone circle also has a fire pit.

It is believed that only three out of the 4,300 cadets have admitted that they are pagan. 

Bob Barr, a former Republican congressman, who campaigned to ban witches from the military, told the Telegraph: “What’s next? Will armoured divisions be forced to travel with sacrificial animals for satanic rituals? Will Rastafarians demand the inclusion of ritualistic marijuana cigarettes in their rations?”

According to the witch and broadcaster Margot Adler it is an attempt to attract more Wiccans to the army. “Many men attracted to Wicca are also attracted to this fantasy of the ancient warrior who is spiritually adept, but also a great fighter,” she said.

The Wiccan religion was added to the US army’s chaplain’s handbook in the 1970s.

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