Case study: Moneyway gives flexible benefits character

To promote its 2010 flexible benefits scheme, call centre-based bank Moneyway made an 80-second video featuring FlexiBen, the little plastic figure that represents its benefits package.

Anne McKenning, group head of HR of Secure Trust Bank, of which Moneyway is a subsidiary, says: “We decided to bring Ben to life and build on the brand.”

Ben had acquired a girlfriend, Betsy, with whom he did a world tour, so the next step was to give him a personality. This was done by making a video. Using the skills of the marketing and IT departments, the video was made at no cost.

A week before the benefits elections, a note was sent out asking staff to watch the main call centre screens at 11am for an announcement. “At 11am, FlexiBen popped up talking about what staff could elect,” says McKenning.

A link to the video on the intranet was also emailed to staff. “It was just a bit of fun,” she adds. “It is important for everyone to know what flexible benefits are on offer.”

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