Reckitt Benckiser aims for global unity with share plan

Reckitt Benckiser is launching a three-year global stock profit plan designed to focus the efforts of staff in 42 countries behind the company’s overall performance, rather then their own local business units.

The plan, which excludes the UK and US and was last run three years ago, goes live in February and has been extended to include seven new countries.

Because of differing tax rules, the UK and US are running their own separate, but similar, schemes that go live at the same time.

The UK’s annual sharesave scheme enables employees to pay between £5 and £250 of their salary into the plan each month over a three-year period. At the close, they can use these savings to purchase shares in the company at an option price set 20% below the share price at the beginning of the scheme.

Of the 2,258 employees eligible to join the UK scheme, 36% have signed up and will benefit from any rise in share value. The global plan mirrors the UK scheme and is being taken up by 47% of the 12,576 eligible employees.