BT prepares for legal changes around benefits

In anticipation of next year’s legislative changes, BT’s reward team is focused on ensuring the structure of its benefits package is optimised to minimise risk.

Jim McInally, HR director, reward and employee relations, explains: “The next area we are looking at is the tax changes in the pre-Budget report. I have already had a number of senior managers come in and have a quick chat about what the changes to capital gains tax mean for them, and [asking] whether we are considering restructuring our remuneration package going forward to reflect changes. There are a number of tax-planning opportunities which will emerge from the new structure, as well as some more adverse impacts.”

The division responsible for managing BT’s extensive fleet is also preparing for the introduction of corporate manslaughter legislation. Duncan Webb, head of sales and marketing for BT Fleet, says: “We will have to make sure that people who use their [own] vehicle for business, have a [way of] showing that their vehicles are fit for purpose.”

At the moment, it is up to individual employees to check their vehicle is safe to drive, and line managers are responsible for ensuring this process happens.