Indian restaurant transports Londoners to work in tuk tuk


Something for the weekend: The morning commute can be a dreary experience for many employees, especially when commuters are crammed into busy tube carriages or battling the temperamental British weather for a soggy walk to work. However, Indian restaurant Anokha revamped London-based employees’ journeys into work this week by providing a colourful tuk tuk to taxi staff to work.

The tuk tuk rides, which operated between 8am and 9am on Tuesday 15 August 2017, offered commuters a free lift to their workplace in celebration of India’s Independence Day. The tuk tuk picked up pedestrians from London Liverpool Street station, transporting up to three commuters per trip.

The bright blue and orange tuk tuk, nicknamed the Tuxi Cab, set a celebratory tone for its journeys by playing Bollywood music, while elegant Bollywood-themed dancers helped to advertise the location of the pick-up point for passers-by.

Here at Employee Benefits, we would love to have a ride in this eye-catching tuk tuk for our daily commute. It may be a bit of a squeeze to fit all of the editorial team in, but it would certainly beat the bus…