Work’s a beach for Japanese firm

Something for the weekend …

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Hopefully, all our readers have managed to take a holiday this summer, whether enjoying a staycation in the beautiful British sunshine or jetting off to more exotic locales.

Where employees have not managed to get away, perhaps they can bring a bit of the tropics into the workplace, like the staff at one Japanese organisation.

Employees at Tokyo-based venture organisation Bizreach have transformed its reception area, which is also used as an employee meeting space and staff lounge, into a tropical beach, complete with a carpet of sand.

One employee said the soothing sound of waves, created by speakers and a 3D projector, has helped her concentrate on her work.

But the makeshift tropical beach was actually created in the hopes of luring employees, visitors and potential clients into believing that life at Bizreach can be a beach.

The illusion may trick employees’ senses into believing they are on holiday, but staff stress levels and overall wellbeing would be much better served by lying on an actual beach, sipping a mojito and gazing out at the horizon.