Top 10 most read stories: 2-8 August 2018


The top 10 most read stories on between 2 and 8 August 2018 were:

  1. Ford uses body tracking technology to create personalised workstations for employees
  2. Committee recommends organisations with 50 employees report gender pay gap
  3. Ferrero Group branch offers paid training course to facilitate chocolate taste testing
  4. EXCLUSIVE: Samsung extends financial education to employees in Ireland
  5. NHS staff participate in demonstration over pay dispute
  6. FTSE 100 DB pension schemes move into surplus for the first time in 10 years
  7. Californian garage door supplier to pay $55, 764 in back pay for minimum wage non-compliance
  8. PR organisation Bottle pays to take staff to music festival
  9. IWGB joint employer case to be heard in the High Court
  10. Poll: 76% believe there has been an increase in demand for wellbeing benefits