Case study: Fasset facilitates 30% fall in absence

At facilities management firm Fasset, having a clear absence policy that facilitates occupational health and the fit note gives a clear view of absence and helps staff return to work quickly.

Fasset launched a new absence policy in February 2010. It involves training all supervisors and managers, and letting staff know about the new strategy and forms they have to complete if they are off sick. Employees are required to complete a self-certification form and obtain a fit note if their absence is longer than seven days. They also have a faceto-face meeting on their return to work.

As a result, the company has seen absence levels drop by 30% year on year. Debbie Jenkins, HR manager at Fasset,says: “We monitor absence all the time, so I know how many days have been lost in the previous month, and what our sickness absence percentage is across the business. We try to keep it as low as possible, and we have intervention with our onsite occupational health team.”

Fasset’s policy also ensures it provides guidance, advice and support to employees and to managers who may be
struggling to handle continued absences.

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