Yorkshire Building Society promotes green travel initiatives

Yorkshire Building Society is offering employees that commute by car to work, the chance to win a week-long, free bus pass, as part of a green travel initiative.

The bank hopes that the initiative will help encourage more of its staff to take advantage of the 15% discount it offers on public transport and leave their car at home instead of using it to travel to work each day.

The bank is offering the scheme in conjunction with the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network, and employees need to apply to the network explaining the details of their daily commute, for the chance to be chosen.

The bank also sees this as an opportunity to promote other benefits that it offers around public transport.

Caroline Gibson, travel co-ordinator at Yorkshire Building Society, said: “This is a good opportunity for us and the local travel network to promote public transport. We already offer staff discounts of 15% on public transport, so we want to encourage employees to use this.”

The week-long initiative will run from 22 September.