Henkel runs seminars on age discrimination

Henkel, the household goods, cosmetics and toiletries company, is running seminars for 320 managers and supervisors on the incoming age discrimination legislation. The interactive sessions also cover other changes to employment law including the Information and Consultation Directive, the Working Time Directive, and the Work and Families Bill. Attendees receive an aide memoir card, which briefs them on the relevant legislation and helps them to put together an action plan when an employment issue arises. Alan Thomas, staff resourcing and development manager, said: "It was felt that the changes that could come from this were far-reaching and incredibly expensive if we were to get it wrong. Therefore it was worthwhile doing this. "

It has been very much around raising awareness of the complexity of the legal situation and making sure [staff] know what to look out for." The company has also reviewed its benefits in the light of the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations, which are due to come into effect on 1 October. Thomas maintains that there has been little need for any changes in the UK as most of Henkel’s service-related benefits are linked to periods of less than five years so are exempt. He added that early retirement was the only area that might need further consideration.