City and Guilds launches health and wellbeing website

City and Guilds has launched a new intranet site to bring details of its wellbeing benefits together in one place.

The site, launched last month, has dedicated pages focusing on healthy living and work, fitness, smoking cessation and mental wellbeing, as well as details of how to access services. There is a page of information for managers about how they can support their teams with health and wellbeing.

City and Guilds has also started a campaign of activities to accompany the new site. For example, it is supporting the NHS Change4Life campaign by encouraging staff to eat boiled potatoes instead of chips in the staff restaurant, and to walk up stairs instead of taking the lift.

The website will also include links to external resources such as Bupa, the NHS, Change4Life and the British Heart Foundation.

Jem Sarna, occupational safety and wellbeing manager at City and Guilds, explained: “Employees’ health and wellbeing is important to our success. We run a lot of services and support, however, the details were not all
in one area. These are now all under the employee wellbeing heading.”

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