Halfords seeks employee willing to sleep on the job

Those caught sleeping on the job can usually expect to receive the harshest punishment, but at outdoor leisure chain Halfords, one new staff member will be actively encouraged to be caught napping.

The company is looking for a sleeping bag tester to put their latest models through their, er, paces.

The job will pay a minimum £600 for a week’s dozing and the feedback from the sleeper will be passed on to Halfords staff to aid them in selling the bags.†

The sleep-sacks will be rated in terms of warmth and strength.

“Testing will take place at the beginning of May,” confirmed a Halfords spokeswoman, and while some previous camping experience would help any prospective candidate, Halfords is not ruling out a novice.

Presumably interviewees will be forming orderly queues for this job – if they are not too tired to make it to the interview.

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